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Bell Schedule

8:20AM–8:30AM: O Canada and Announcements

8:35AM–9:25AM: Period 1

9:25AM–10:15AM: Period 2.

10:15AM–10:25AM: Morning Break.

10:25AM–11:15AM: Period 3.

11:15AM–12:05PM: Period 4.

12:05PM–1:00PM: Lunch with noon activities beginning at 12:30PM.

1:00PM–1:25PM: Transition with AIT beginning at 1:25PM.

1:25PM–2:15PM: Period 5.

2:25PM–3:05PM: Period 6.

3:05PM: Dismissal.

3:12PM: Busses leave school grounds.

The bell schedule can also be downloaded as a PDF.

📝 Last updated on December 12, 2022